Shoulder Straps and Crossbody Strap

Shoulder Straps and Crossbody Strap

  • This is an extra option for bags that you would like to add a strap too.
  • If you order several bags, Only One will be selected for  a strap as all do not come with Strap parts, so please state which clutch. 


  • Some bags may not be able to have a strap- You will be contacted..


  • All Gold Chains are Approx. 42-45 inches long- Not Adjustable at all


  • Faux-Leather strap to match your clutch- Standard is Black- 42-45 inches long and maybe adjustable. 


  • Fabric Strap to match bag will be adjustable- 42-45inches long 



  • Extra lengths are an extra 6 inches on top of the standard length for the Fabric options 


  • No Silver Options , as All my zippers have gold teeth .