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My Name is Christina and I am solely responsible for "TheBagjunkiShop.  if you are new here, then here is a little backstory on this Brand.

I began with Bagjunki in the year of 2016, I wanted to create something different of course while I was out and about through the City of Atlanta.  I wanted something that I could not find anywhere.  I turned to youtube and finding other tutorials online and began to teach myself how to sew and learn how to operate a sewing machine.  I would also buy cheap fabric and ask the women in this fabric stores about how to do certain things and lastly I pretty much made my own techniques.

This is when I started on Instagram with just posting pictures and it began to take off from there. I would receive a request from followers and this is how "BAGJUNKI" was created.  

Fast forward to the year of 2018- I began to expand to doing much more with crafts such as upholstery and DIYS around the house. When you are so creative, you just cannot help it.  

I then began "BjunkiDesigns" which was an expansion off of Bagjunki- which consisted of personalized items such cups, mugs, t-shirts, decals and just so much more.

In the year of 2019, I just wanted to create one large shop , where it would be easier for customers to find my work as well as just use one platform that I found to be challenging but clean up my image at the same time.  I am the person behind finding the designs, making the designs, shipping the designs and maintaining the website as well.

Lastly,  The Bagjunki Shop is my One stop Shop for all things DIYS, Fashion and objects that we simply can't get enough of because we just love it and gotta have it.  Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and staying a loyal customer or a new customer.

Thank you and Enjoy !!


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