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Colorful Bagjunki Distressed Slides

Colorful Bagjunki Distressed Slides

  • Preorder Item
  • The edges of the slides have denim folded over and glued down , if yo feel discomfort , add a piece of fabric or anything soft on the underside- It solely depends on person and comfort level .
  • This is for the Denim Distressed Slides in 3 different colorways
  • Classic is the only style shown
  • No Bag comes with the Orders - Slides Only
  • Slides will be provided or you can send your own - Price difference
  • NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES - so please order accordingly
  • Nothing on the slide is sewn down - Cement glue down 100%
  • Shades of Denim will Vary- No exact models will be provided
  • Levis Waist Ticket varies as it is extrememly hard to find this item - It will be used if found but i have replacement shown in photos .
  • Greyscale- Various shades of Black and Grey Denim
  • Dark Wash- Various shades of Dark and Medium Wash Denim
  • Classic - Lighter shades of Denim - Shoe shown


  • If you are in a rush , Please do not ORDER.. Handcrafted with LOVE

----- If you are providing your slides, Please put your invoice number with the item , please make sure item is clean and here is the P.O. Box information :

P.O. Box 31050

Augusta, GA 30903


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