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Acid Wash Bagjunki Footbed Clog

Acid Wash Bagjunki Footbed Clog

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  • Excited about these footbed shoes
  • The fall versions of the Denim Slides are here but with a twist - Acid Wash Denim
  • Bagjunki Footbed Shoes
  • All shoes are provided by Bagjunki and are Brand New
  • The Brand of the footbed shoes are Time and Tru (for reference )
  • Strap will not be adjustable at all as it will be covered in Denim
  • Nothing on the shoe is sewn down but cemented down for a strong adhesion .
  • The inside will stay true as it is a footbed insole and doesnt need to be adjusted

the Bagjunki Labels are leather and on the outside of the shoe.

questions ? please send me an email or contact me on IG

  • If you need a men’s size , order the size and state in the comments that it needs to be in men’s please
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