Wild Print Junki Multi Bag

Wild Print Junki Multi Bag


What can I say ????


This is a First Ever !!!


Rectangle Size Bag, Junkier Bag or Whatever you want it to be.


Comes with Adjustable straps- Measures out to 40 inches.  If you are concerned about the length and need more, just select extra length down below.


The Print is Animal Print of Course- My Fav- Cheetah Print is always and will always be a HOT SELLER...


The Bag measures :


Height - 8.5 inches


width - 14 inches.


This. Bag can be worn on the Shoulder, Around the Waist, Across the Back and Around the Chest- Simply, Your Choice.


Looking for another Print/Pattern ? Just email me at Bagjunki@gmail.com or send me a DM on IG : @ShopBagjunki- I will respond


100% created from my MIND ONLY...