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Patchwork Safari/Dunks Handbag

Patchwork Safari/Dunks Handbag

  • Safari Dunks Handbag - ships late September or October
  • Bag normally comes double sided, both patterns on both sides but I have just added a One sided option- Back side will be just Black only
  • All Bags are registered under the THEBAGJUNKISHOP trademark.

No Coupons will be accepted on this Item - NONE.

  • Gold hooks no longer come on bag

Several Fabrics were used to match this Print- Real Leather and Faux Leather.

  • Comes with either a Red , Black or a Mustard Strap- One will be in the package.

Handheld Style only .

  • Leather Hide color may vary- Please se updated version 

Need something else customized ? Please email me .

Out of Stock
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