Entrepreneur Hand-stamped Bracelet

Entrepreneur Hand-stamped Bracelet


Hand Stamped Bracelet


  • Brass ,Aluminum Style and Rose Gold ( Shown ) 
  • These are not Gold Filled at all but the Quality is amazing and it last.
  • I wear mine everyday and do not take them off. If it starts looking dull, Just buff with the Cloth I provide or any jewelery cloth and they will shine back to the Original look. 
  • Sizes:
  • Aluminum : 6.3mm x 152mm - 16 gauge 
  • Brass : 6.3mm x 152mm - 16 gauge
  • Copper- Rose Gold -  6.3mm x 152mm - 16 gauge


  • Wear these in layers , upon layers and mix with different styles. 


  • All Bracelets are filled in with a Black Ink to darken the words to make them more visible- Will not rub off !