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Encrusted Glam Strap - 6 mm

Encrusted Glam Strap - 6 mm

  • Encrusted Strap 
  • This is the 6mm size (large) and we also have a 3mm (Small) which is a seperate product.
  • Please read completely before Ordering - No Exceptions 
  • Length of the Strap will be 36-42 inches
  • May or may not be a crossbody for Everyone
  • 12 yards of Plastic Tubing covered in Rhinestones.
  • Strap may show some imperfections but overall the Bling Factor is 100%
  • 12 yards condensed into 40 inches of perfection
  • 2 Gold Swivel clasp for On/Off each Item
  • Strap is HEAVY, do not use on lightweight items FYI
  • Please see photos for materials used and other Colors Available 
  • Strap weighs 1pound or more  by itself 
  • Strap has a slight smell of Glue but will air out eventually .
  • Please keep strap in Dust Bag provided 
  • NO Immediate shipment- Materials are made from manufacturer, then shipped to me and then I proceed with the process and then I ship out.
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