Unisex Adult Masks

Unisex Adult Masks


Adult and Kids Mask


PLEASE READ: As of April 15th - The Max is 2  of each. Two Adult Female, Two Kid, ETC. Anything over this quantity will be refunded.


Too many people are ordering too much of the same thing!


This is temporary until I fill the bulk of Orders!


Over 200 free masks were ordered and thank you to those that Contributed to cash App and Paypal. Limit please


Quantity limit on orders.


Thank you for the Huge Demand and please reshare my IG Post to spread the Word #BagjunkiMasks These are standard size and are made with Hair ties as there is an elastic Shortage.


I chose to make these as people were stating they were having a hard time finding a medical mask and I’ve made some for myself.  I want to make some for everyone that truly needs them and I am paying for all materials out of my own pocket as well as shipping cost. I do have a cash app for those that would like to donate whatever for producing mask or that they appreciate the service that I am providing .


Do not place orders on Cash App: $Bagjunki Patterns and Styles are limited.


Unfortunately, you can not pick which ones exactly you want as you can request it but not confirmed, I will not change ANY MORE MASK because you do not like the print, Please be mindful before you order ! Masks are Random 


For the Kids Boy- There are only so many Comic Prints left and they may not receive one


These do not have Filter Slots and these are N95 related. I am using 100% cotton and it’s First Come, First Serve !!


I hope that this contribution helps someone !!